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A little TMI..the roid rag

Thanks to being pregnant I have one hemroid that is trying to kill me, today for the first time it is really bothering me, I am now sitting on afor wipe on my butt 15 mins to repeat as needed..it hurts..alot...

with that said today is a good day, added some stuff to the baby registry cause people were complaining it was too short, of course i didn't see people buying anything so i have no idea what the hell, so we added a bunch of stuff, i have a shower saturday up in maine, then another one in the following week..in CT, hopefully we will get the big stuff...

and hopefully we will get a glider from Craig's mom cause my back is killing me and I want to rock my Niblet to sleep.
still house searching goes on...I have calmed down from my last post about it, but still alittle peeved

Today was Craig's bday so we went to Alice in Wonderland and eat mexican..which I am sure I will regret

now I am sitting back watching Supernanny and sleeping with roid cream..you know you want to be me right now...
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