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New Workplace Vocabulary Words.

Blamestorming: sitting around discussing why a project failed and who is responsible.

Seagull Manager: a boss who flies in, makes noise, craps on everything and then leaves.

Assmosis: the process of absorbing success and advancement by kissing up.

Salmon Day: spending the day swimming upstream, only to get screwed and die in the end.

Cube Farm: An office filled with cubicles.

Prairie Dogging: When someone does something in a cube farm that causes heads to pop up.

Crop Dusting: surreptitiously passing gas while walking through a cube farm.

Mouse Potato: The wired generation's answer to the couch potato.

Stress Puppy: A person who thrives on being stressed out and whiny.

Percussive Maintenance: Whacking an electronic device to get it working.

404: Someone who's clueless (from the error message "404 Not Found").

Ohnosecond: The fraction of time in which you realize you shouldn't have hit send.
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